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Question Answered: Beach Shoot

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I recently got an email from someone asking me questions re. beach shoot for portraits. Here’s a snippet of that:

“… While searching for beach shoot, I stumbled upon your site and one of your albums of a couple. Do you have any tips to share on how to accomplish those photos? I appreciate any help as I will conduct a family session at the beach”

I was at first hesitant to give an advice since I am not really a seasoned PRO and I have only shot at real beach once… O-N-C-E! Eeeek… Oh well, I don’t have problems admitting that, of course, since I am from Minnesota and here, lakes are called beach anyway (super lame). HA! :D

With that, since the question is a little bit broad, I will try to give you my best possible answers through my blog and here’s hoping that it will/might help you and one or two more. :)

1. Those shots that you were asking about were taken in Jacksonville, FL. For that shoot, we woke up at 6:45AM to catch the sunrise for the best light. With my roots being on doing landscapes, I do believe in that ‘magic hour’ that other photographers talk about. I made use of that light. :)

2. On top of that, we did use a big, hunking reflector too, to additionally light the couple since the natural light was most of the time on their backs. I did that because I don’t like overexposing the skies. I love my clouds, you know. ;)

3. Don’t be scared to use their shadows and silhouttes.

4. Be prepared to get wet so bring extra clothes and towel to dry. I was soaking that day. :p

5. Use the reflection on the sand after the waves ebbed.

6. On the technical side (not an expert here), learn how to use manual setting. To expose, I metered the brightest light and then the subject — from there, I adjusted it almost to the middle. My ISO was at the lowest (100) and my aperture stayed between f/2.8 to f/4.0.

7. Most importantly, let your subject(s) play and have fun (you, will too). Most of my favorites are those of them just having fun with one another. :D

Since post isn’t pretty without a photo, here’s one of my favorites from that album that was referred to. :)

And one of JZ at work:

Well, I hope that you gather something from it. If not, email me (again), please. I may be able to help you find a photographer who can answer better, too.  Good luck with your shoot. :D

Happy Friday, all!

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