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One of the Million Reasons

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I never liked the feeling of being lost. When I moved here to the US almost 10 years ago, I have made it to the point to know where most of the places I wanted to visit are. Mapquest, Yahoo Maps and now Google Maps have been my BFFs and companions and pre-iPhone era, you would have found those printouts of directions in my car together with an atlas and local maps. :D

I am the sort of the same way with the highway of life and love. While I am not as obsessive-compulsive as former, I preferred to at least have an inkling or two as to how my life progresses and will progress. I remember saying to myself that I will be married by 27, have a baby by 28 or 29, buy a big house at 30 and so on. Get the drift? Well, those plans and dreams didn’t happen at all. I tried having fun and dated guys but nothing seemed to work out. I almost threw in the towel regarding relationships after a big heartbreak and disappointment until I met this passionate, strong and smart man. I was already 30 at that time. (I should be buying a house at that point and not dating) ;)

We were married 2 years after that meeting. :)

Last week, we went on a backpacking trip to celebrate that union. I am very much reminded of one of the million reasons why I picked him to be my husband. The trip was so ardous — we got lost so many times due to lack of trails and yet he assured me in countless ways that I am in wonderful hands. I may not have told this to him but I don’t feel lost anymore. Wherever we go, it always feels like home. He is now my home…

I love you so much, JZ and happy 2nd anniversary to us. I am looking forward to spending another 50 or so years with you. :)

And again, since a blog post isn’t pretty without a photo, here’s one of him on a good hair day taken 3 days ago. :D

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